AW: Editor Tab Expansion

Ketil Z. Malde
06 Dec 2002 15:37:38 +0100

Ingo Wechsung <> writes:

> Simon wrote:
>> There's no reason not to use 8 column tab stops, so please don't do it.

> Ok, if "it just looks better to me" is no reason, 

Tabs and spaces aren't visually distinguishable, so I'm not sure why
you conclude that "looks don't matter".

As has been pointed out, how the tab character is displayed doesn't
have to be related to what happens when you press the ->| button.

> then the following also holds:
> There's no reason not to use braces and semicolons, so please use them.

I think braces/semicolons are unnecessary clutter.  But if configuring
your editor is too much trouble, feel free to use them.

I don't really want this to become yet another editor flame war, but
is the reason I don't have trouble with layout that

        a) I use sane layout conventions 
        b) I use Emacs with a sane haskell-mode instead of a vi clone
        c) I'm almost entirely restricted to working as a one-person-team

I'd like your opinions, private mail is fine, and I can summarize
if anybody wants.

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