Implementing forward refs in monadic assembler and interprete r

Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 08:37:54 -0000

| For the moment I've chosen to do the mdo desugaring manually instead
| of moving to the CVS ghc (or exclusively using Hugs.)  Will mdo be in
| the next release?  (That's 5.04.2, I think -- though I've recently
| been confused about GHC releases.)  The relevant revision to Lex.lhs
| is pretty recent and doesn't seem to be on ghc-5-04-branch.

mdo won't be in 5.04.2; these patch releases are meant to be bug fixes

As I mentioned in an earlier message, we are undecided about when to
invest the effort to make another major release.   The more people that
yell, the sooner we will do it!  Main things in the next major release
	Template Haskell
	a fairly major fix to the newtype-deriving mechanism (it's=20
		a bit broken in 5.04)