Simon Marlow
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 10:25:02 +0100

> The following code works fine under ghc, but produces a strange error
> under ghci:
>         Main> main
>         *** Exception: failed
>         Action: connect
>         Reason: Unknown error 141312000
> It is deterministic - i.e I have verified that it isn't a network
> fault.

I'm afraid there's a bug in 5.02's SocketPrim library that causes this.
The fix will be in 5.02.1, due out shortly (or pull it from CVS if
you're brave :-).

> Additionally, I'm a little confused about how to
> import the PortNumber constructor from Socket, without
> importing everything else. It's behavior seems odd.

There isn't a PortNumber constructor, just a type constructor - is that
what you meant?  If so, doesn't just "import Socket(PortNumber)" do the
right thing?