Announcement: new HOpenGL Tutorial

Sven Panne
Wed, 30 May 2001 14:11:08 +0200

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Ronald Legere wrote:
> Looks great! I think the community will really
> appreciate it.

And I extremely appreciate it when other people write documentation
for my stuff.   :-)   Thanks, great job!

> I will have to 'give it a whirl' myself, if I can
> ever get HOpenGL to compile on my solaris sparc. (I
> keep having trouble with 'test' in the makefiles. I
> must have a wierd version of test or something. I am no
> OS guru :) (If anyone has ever seen this problem, let
> me know )

Just a note: HOpenGL has been moved into GHC's fptools repository, and
the tar balls on my web page are quite old. I'm not sure if they will
work with more recent versions of GHC, so if you're totally stuck, join
the bleeding edge and compile GHC from CVS, adding --enable-hopengl to
configure's options. This builds an OpenGL package, too, but the resulting
GHC doesn't know about it, so you will have to fiddle around with GHC's
options a bit. Furthermore, the binding is not yet complete again, I guess
about 80% has been ported. Not optimal, but I'm working on it...

Alas, other Haskell systems are not yet supported, but given the recent
advances in the FFI and library area, this will hopefully change in the
near future.