Functional programming in Python

Erik Meijer
Tue, 8 May 2001 14:54:24 -0700

Interestingly enough, I have the same feeling with Python!

> As for the difficulty with imperative constructs, I agree it's not
> even an issue for many (Dylan, ML, et. al.) languages, but for Haskell it
> still is, in my humble opinion. I found the task of writing a simple
> that did a few simple imperative things inordinately difficult. I know
> the 'do' construct, and I understand the difference between >> and >>=.
> read a book on Haskell, and implemented functional programming support for
> Python, but trying to use Haskell to write complete programs still ties my
> brain in knots. I see there are people writing complete, non-trivial
> programs in Haskell, but I don't see how.