Printed Haskell 98 Report

Malcolm Wallace
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 10:21:18 +0100

> I don't suppose it's possible to get a reasonable printed copy of the
> Haskell 98 Report and Haskell 98 Library Report at a sensible price, is
> it? Just wondering, before I go pricing printing and binding. Thanks.

The Haskell Reports are freely re-distributable, so I'm not aware
of anyone offering to sell them.

However, they aren't very long, so the cost of printing and binding
should not be excessive.  120 pages double-sided, I reckon should
be less than 10 UKP (15 USD) per copy cost-price.

One caution however.  Simon PJ has been promising to issue a new,
corrected edition of the Reports (essentially to incorporate the
accumulated errata).  Before you print a hundred copies, you might like
to check how soon the corrected version will be publically available.