Biggest Haskell unit in the world

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Mon, 25 Jun 2001 21:47:37 +1000

Bernard James POPE <> wrote,

> Lyndon While writes: 
> > So how about it? Can anyone beat 298 for a Haskell programming unit?
> > For the record, I teach more advanced aspects of FP to (this year) 38 
> > students, too.
> Sorry Lyndon, we (melbourne uni) had 767 students sit our first year 
> subject which teaches Haskell. We teach it again in second semester too, 
> with over a hundred students. 

Computing 1A (taught in Haskell) at Uni of New South Wales
has two streams with 731 + 247 students (the second stream
is for good students who want some more challenge).  In
second semester, we have about 600 students in that course.

Lyndon While <> wrote,

> Maybe together we can make Australia the most Haskellised
> country in the world! 

We stand a good chance, I would say.