Literate Programming in Haskell?

Tom Moertel
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 01:53:41 -0500

In the Haskell community is there a generally accepted best way to
approach Literate Programming?  The language has support for literate
comments, but it seems that many common LP tools don't respect it.

For example, in order to convert some .lhs code into LaTeX via the noweb
LP tools, I had to write a preprocessor to convert the ">" code blocks
into something that noweb would respect.  (The preprocessor actually
does a bit more and, in conjunection with noweb, gives pretty good
results for little effort.  For an example, see:

Yet somehow, I don't think that my homebrew approach is optimal.  Can
anybody recommend a particularly elegant LP setup for Haskell
programming?  Or if you have an approach that works well for you, would
you mind sharing it?