Revamping the numeric HUMAN ATTITUDE

Simon Peyton-Jones
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:16:02 -0800

| I'm seeing a bit of this now, and the error messages GHC spits out
| are hilarious! e.g.
|     My brain just exploded.
|     I can't handle pattern bindings for 
| existentially-quantified constructors.
| and
|     Couldn't match `Bool' against `Bool'
|         Expected type: Bool
|         Inferred type: Bool

The first of these is defensible, I think.  It's not at all clear 
(to me anyway) what pattern bindings for existentially-quantified 
constructors should mean.  

The second is plain bogus.  GHC should never give a message like
that.  Which version of the compiler are you using?   If you
can send a small example I'll try it on the latest compiler.