Haskell Implemetors Meeting

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 18:32:18 -0800

GHC transforms Haskell into "Core", which is roughly 
the second-order lambda calculus,
augmented with let(rec), case, and constructors.  This is an
a small explicitly-typed intermediate language, in contrast
to Haskell which is a very large, implicitly typed language.
Getting from Haskell to Core is a lot of work, and it might
be useful to be able to re-use that work.

Andrew's proposal (which he'll post to the Haskell list)
will define exactly what "Core" is.


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|  >         We agreed that it would be a Jolly Good Thing if GHC could
|  >         be persuaded to produce GHC-independent Core output,
|  >         ready to feed into some other compiler.  For example,
|  >         Karl-Filip might be able to use it. 
|  >         ANDREW will write a specification, and implement it.
| A quick question. What is meant by  "Core output"? Subsequent posts
| seem to suggest this is some "reduced Haskell", in which full Haskell
| 98 can be expressed. Am I completely off beam here?
| Tim Docker
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