haskell sockets

Thomas Rabe raven@drehmoment.org
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 13:47:17 +0100


i want to write/read data to the soccerserver of the robocup. the sample 
code below works, but i want to have a handle for writing to the server 
  instead of SocketPrim.sendTo. how can i do that ?

import IO
import Socket
import SocketPrim

local       = ""
portnum     = 6000
local' = iNADDR_ANY
portnum' = aNY_PORT

main = withSocketsDo $ do

        -- create udp socket
        s1 <- socket AF_INET Datagram 0

        ia <- inet_addr local

        -- bind socket to first free port given by system
        bindSocket s1 (SockAddrInet ( portnum') local')

        -- write to soccerserver on port 6000
        SocketPrim.sendTo s1 "(init myteam)" (SockAddrInet ( portnum) ia)

        h' <- socketToHandle s1 ReadWriteMode
        hSetBuffering h' LineBuffering

        -- hPutsStr not works: Reason: Transport endpoint is not 
connected ?!
        -- hPutStr h' "foo"

        -- bad style infinity loop, just for testing
        testloop h'

testloop h = do
     b <- hWaitForInput h 2000
     if b == True
        then  do
	     line <- hGetChar h
	     hFlush h
	     putChar line
        else putStrLn "End of Input"

     testloop h


Thomas Rabe.

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