sending values between actions

Dmitry Astapov
17 Dec 2001 00:30:46 +0200

 NS> can anyone tell me how to send values from one action to another???

 NS> I have

 NS> main0 = do s <- getLine writeFile "text.txt" s

 NS> main1 = do ....

 NS> I'd like to use main0 info on main1 action to build a nXm multisquares
 NS> box... anyone understood this????  please help...

First of all, main0 and main0 are not actions. Then, there are no special
"info" (like, say, local variables) associated with any of them. Are you
sure you know what are you doing?

I have some gut feeling that you might be much better off with Erlang
(, if you want to pass events/datastructures between

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