instance declarations

David Feuer
Sun, 09 Dec 2001 20:08:44 -0500

Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk wrote:

> There is another problem: even if we created a syntax to name them,
> if they would not be exported by default then current programs would
> have to be changed.

Well, the default could be to export, unless explicitly hidden.  If it
_is_ exported, you could have the option to write it explicitly, or just
have it go by default.
> Perhaps in the future it will be possible to specify the interface
> of a Haskell module more formally, with types of exported values
> for example. Then we should remember about instances and solve both
> problems simultaneously.

I guess that may be true...  It could be really useful to have a tool to
take a source file and automagically make an approximate header for

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