Job advert: Compiler designer/architect

Benedict R. Gaster
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 11:50:26 +0100

The following job advert has been sent to both the GCC and Pro64 mailing
lists and I thought maybe of interest to people on this mailing list.
SuperH are not looking for Haskell developers but rather are keen to
recruit people with experience in language design and implementation.

(The Pro64 is a highly optimizing compiler initially designed by SGI and
targeted for the MIPS and IA64 architectures. Recently the Pro64 was
made open source and SuperH is in the process of porting this technology
to a selection of their current and future microprocessors.)


SuperH, Inc is a new company formed by STMicroelectronics and Hitachi in

order to market and develop the SuperH series of  microprocessors as an
independent company. The SuperH series will be offered as licensable
cores for synthesis into embedded applications. See for
more information.

SuperH is headquartered in San Jose CA with R&D centers in Bristol UK
and Tokyo Japan.

SuperH will be developing software systems based on  Open Source
tecnology, including Gnu tools (i.e., gcc, gdb, etc.) and Pro64, and is
looking for a range of engineers who have interests and/or experience in

the following skill areas:

  o Code generation and optimization.
     Software pipelining, register allocation.
     Specific experience with gcc or Pro64  would be an advantage.

  o JIT compilation and dynamic optimization.

  o Linux development.

  o Architecture design.

  o Benchmarking.

  o Debugging technologies including gdb.

SuperH will be developing products based on Gnu and Linux technogy as
well as carrying out research into new innovative architectures and
advanced compiler design, including the Pro64 and dynamic optimization.

The main location for these posts is Bristol, UK.

SuperH will be offering a comprehensive benefits package as well as an
emloyee stock option scheme and bonus schemes.

Job Title: Compiler designer/architect.

   Good knowledge of compiler optimizations, experience with Gnu or
Pro64 would be useful.

   In depth knowledge of C & C++.  Java an advantage.

  Experience in embedded system design.

Please send CVs to:

Benedict R. Gaster
SuperH, Inc.