a shorter phrase than "algebraic data type"

Frank Atanassow franka@cs.uu.nl
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:54:24 +0200

Richard wrote (on 28-08-01 13:38 -0700):
> does anyone have a shorter name for a "algebraic data type" 
> --the thing that is created by the declaration beginning with
> the keyword  "data"?
> "ADT" is already in use, meaning "abstract data type", in many 
> textbooks like Essentials of Programming Languages.

I have seen ADT used with both meanings.

> the best I could come up with is "SPT", short for "sum-of-products" type.

Lots of people just say "datatype", to contrast with simply "type". Other
terms are "inductive datatype" and "recursive datatype", and there are other
terms which are longer, but I don't know of any shorter ones except
"ADT". Maybe "initial algebra". You could also say "signature", though that is
not quite the same thing (signatures _induce_ datatypes).

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