Numeric literals
28 Aug 2001 12:55:01 -0000

Mark Carroll <> wrote: 
> I also haven't yet worked out how to tell if a string is "read"able or
> not, yet - if (read "45")::Integer or whatever gives an error (e.g. if I'd
> put "af" instead of "45"), it seems to be pretty uncatchable, which is a
> pain. How do I tell if an instance of reading will work, or catch that it 
> didn't?

You need to resort to

reads :: Read a => ReadS a

where ReadS is a typical parser type constructor
(``replacing failure by a list of successes'', see BibTeX entry below),
defined in the prelude:

type ReadS a = String -> [(a,String)]

You might want to wrap it in something like the following:

read' :: Read a => String -> Maybe a
read' s = case reads s of
            ((a,[]):_) -> Just a
            _          -> Nothing

For understanding the machinery it is useful to look at the
class and instance definitions for Read in the Prelude.



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