Namespace clashes
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:47:58 -0700

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> Subject:	Namespace clashes
> When I use Haskell, I'm still tripping over reserved words; lately I tried
> to use 'type' as a data field name, for example, and was somewhat
> irritated to note that I can't. (Can I?) What gives me the willies is that
	[Bryn Keller]  
	Personally, I don't mind this sort of thing and I find the import
capabilities in Haskell sufficient for most purposes. However, I'm new
enough to Haskell that I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what I've
done wrong from the error messages. Here's one such:

	func x =
	    data <- readFile x
	    return data

	Where the problem is that I've mistakenly used the reserved word
'data' for a name binding. Here's the error message I get for that:
	scratch.hs:3: Empty 'do' construct

	But I'm learning. :-)