Currying - Curry function

Jon Fairbairn
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 11:15:04 +0100

> Hi haskell-cafe,
> >From a non programmer :
> Does someone know the exact source, book, page no etc. where
> Haskell Curry intoduced and developed its concept of a curry
> function.

Currying is to represent a function of multiple arguments as
a function of a single argument that returns a function. So
if f (x, y) =3D F, curry f x is a function that, when applied
to y returns F.

I think that Currying was actually invented by Sch=F6nfinkel,
but it's just mentioned in passing in "=DCber die bausteiner
mathematischen logik" (apologies if spelling is wrong) or in
"Grundlager ..." whatever the other one is called, I can't

> Is there an exemple of such a function in the Haskell language ?


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