haskell editor..

John Meacham john@foo.net
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 16:38:08 -0800

so while randomly surfing the realm of haskell space I came across the
Alfa Proof assistant. (http://www.cs.chalmers.se/~hallgren/Alfa/) All I
can say is WOW, this thing is fun to play with, (and to think I have
been doing my proofs with pencil and paper all these years). 

The interactive editor in particular I found quite enjoyable to use, I
was wondering if someone has ever made or considered making a similar
editor for haskell programs themselves? On first thought it seems that
such a thing should not be too difficult as the type system of haskell
is based on the same theories and haskell programs are similar to
declarative proofs. It seems like an editor of that sort coupled with a
class browser would be a powerful authoring tool.. (and this coming from
a vi user :) )

The other thing that Alfa made me want to try out was programming with
Fudgets. however as far as I can tell Fudgets has bit-rotted away... at
least I have been unable to find a version which compiles with my
prefered setup (ghc 4.08.1)... I was wondering if there is anyone
working on bringing Fudgets up to date? There must be some setup that
can compile it as Alfa still appears to be actively developed, From a
lookover of the sources probably all that would need to be done is to
replace the Xlib layer with one based on FFI so as to be portable to all
the modern platforms and bring the code up to haskell98 compliance...
perhaps somebody has already done this but it is not well publicised or
is there some other reason Fudgets has not been developed recently like
the existence of an accepted better GUI API? 

just some random thoughts....

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