[Hackathon] Preparing for ZuriHac

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 11:28:05 EST 2010

Hi all,

ZuriHac is just two weeks away. With 79 registered attendees, it'll be the
biggest Haskell hackathon so far! Here's some information to help you
prepare for the event.

= Finding a project to work on =

If you haven't figured out what to hack on yet, now is a good time. At
previous hackathons we started the event with an introduction round where
everyone could stand up and say what they want to work on. Given that we're
79 people this time around we'd spend a lot of precious time on these
introductions so we'll skip them this year. Instead we recommend that you go
to the projects page at


and either add your name to an existing project or create a new project with
your name next to it. You can also list your areas of expertise at the
bottom of the page.

During the event you can use the #zurihac IRC channel on Freenode to find
people to work with.

= Arriving at Google =

If possible, try to be at the Google reception at 2:00pm on Friday, instead
of at 2:30pm as previously announced. This gives us an extra 30 minutes to
register everyone and give you your name tag, leaving more time for hacking.
If your travel plans prevent you from getting to Google before 2:30pm that's
not a problem.

You'll not be able to get to the rooms we've reserved for the hackathon
without one of the organizers (i.e. Christophe and I) escorting you.
Therefore we'd appreciate if everyone try to show up on time. That is

* 2:00-2:30pm on Friday, and
* 10:00am on Saturday & Sunday.

If you arrive late you'll need to give one of us a call so we can come and
collect you at the reception. Our phone numbers are on the wiki.

= Food =

There are no vending machines in the office so bring some water
bottles/snacks to eat throughout the day.

On Friday evening (around 5:30pm) we'll serve some finger food and drinks in
the office. On Saturday and Sunday we'll have a lunch break in the middle of
the day where you can visit one of the nearby restaurants (or eat something
you brought). In the evening many of us will likely form groups and go out
for dinner together.

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