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Am Mittwoch, den 03.02.2010, 20:59 +0100 schrieb Reinier Lamers:
> Op woensdag 03 februari 2010 17:35 schreef Sean Leather:
> > I'm interested, also coming from Utrecht. I haven't started planning, yet,
> > but I would be happy to share a room with anybody, anywhere.
> > 
> > I think I'll go by train. Does the train from here go through Karlsruhe?
> The fastest connection on March 18th goes through Karlsruhe. It leaves Utrecht 
> at 10:59 and Karlsruhe at 16:00. I, however, go by plane from Amsterdam to 
> Basel on the way there, because I get a bit paranoid when I see the 
> "unbekannter Auslandstarif" in the bahn.de trip planner. I realize now that 
> this is inconsistent because I still assume the Swiss railways have a sane 
> pricing scheme when they take me from Basel to Zuerich, but whatever.

Try booking to Zürich main station (and not some smaller
S-Bahn-Station), then the Bahn can give you a price. 

> I see that the CityNightLine from Zuerich to Utrecht also passes through 
> Karlsruhe (leaves Zuerich at 20:42, leaves Karlsruhe at 00:18). This is the 
> train that the other Utrechters and I take home.

I’m planning to buy my tickets short term, because the cheap tickets
don’t save me much and tie me to certain trains. I’ll see if I can use
your train without a night train surchage (as I can stay awake so long),
or maybe take an earlier train home.


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