[Hackathon] Hac5 in Utrecht

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Jan 24 21:37:22 EST 2009

> Hi everyone.
> The rumours may have been around for quite some time -- it is true: the next
> Hackathon is planned to be in Utrecht, sometime between March and May 2009. 
> The planning on the Utrecht side has been slowed down somewhat because the
> Computer Science department is going to move between buildings on campus in
> March (at least that's what is currently planned). This leads to quite some
> uncertainty about the availability of rooms and services.
> Like at least last time, I'd plan for the Hackathon to take place from Friday
> to Sunday. Depending on the number of participants registered and their travel
> plans, it might be nice to organize a series of talks and/or an excursion on
> the adjacent days (Thursday and/or Monday).
> The earliest possible weekend is March 6--8, which by now is probably already
> to soon. It would fit nicely with the ICFP deadline (March 2), and would be
> clearly before the Haskell Symposium deadline, thereby offering the possibility
> of having Hackathon results inspire a paper.
> Also, from February to March, I'm teaching Advanced Functional Programming here
> in Utrecht, and it would be nice for the students to get exposed to Haskell
> hackers during the course.
> March 13--15 clashes with the TFP submission deadline (March 15), but seems
> possible.
> March 20--22 as well.
> I will be travelling from March 30--April 3, so that time is bad.
> The next weekend (April 10--12) is Easter, which I suspect will be difficult
> for others (and also for me to get anything organized).
> April 17--19 and April 24--26 seem like possible weekends to me.
> Haskell Symposium deadline isn't published yet, afaik, but I expect it to
> be in the beginning of May.
> During the next few days, I'll try again whether I can get some clear
> statements as to which dates are the least likely to be affected by network
> maintenance, server moves, closed buildings etc.
> Still, I'd also like to get input on other constraints I may have been missing,
> or preferences.

 The soon we pick a date, the better, for me, so I can book flights to Amsterdam.

 --    Don

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