[Hackathon] Hac5 in Utrecht

Andres Loeh andres at cs.uu.nl
Wed Jan 14 11:25:55 EST 2009

Hi everyone.

The rumours may have been around for quite some time -- it is true: the next
Hackathon is planned to be in Utrecht, sometime between March and May 2009. 

The planning on the Utrecht side has been slowed down somewhat because the
Computer Science department is going to move between buildings on campus in
March (at least that's what is currently planned). This leads to quite some
uncertainty about the availability of rooms and services.

Like at least last time, I'd plan for the Hackathon to take place from Friday
to Sunday. Depending on the number of participants registered and their travel
plans, it might be nice to organize a series of talks and/or an excursion on
the adjacent days (Thursday and/or Monday).

The earliest possible weekend is March 6--8, which by now is probably already
to soon. It would fit nicely with the ICFP deadline (March 2), and would be
clearly before the Haskell Symposium deadline, thereby offering the possibility
of having Hackathon results inspire a paper.

Also, from February to March, I'm teaching Advanced Functional Programming here
in Utrecht, and it would be nice for the students to get exposed to Haskell
hackers during the course.

March 13--15 clashes with the TFP submission deadline (March 15), but seems

March 20--22 as well.

I will be travelling from March 30--April 3, so that time is bad.
The next weekend (April 10--12) is Easter, which I suspect will be difficult
for others (and also for me to get anything organized).

April 17--19 and April 24--26 seem like possible weekends to me.
Haskell Symposium deadline isn't published yet, afaik, but I expect it to
be in the beginning of May.

During the next few days, I'll try again whether I can get some clear
statements as to which dates are the least likely to be affected by network
maintenance, server moves, closed buildings etc.

Still, I'd also like to get input on other constraints I may have been missing,
or preferences.



Andres Loeh, Universiteit Utrecht

mailto:andres at cs.uu.nl     mailto:mail at andres-loeh.de

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