[GUI] RE: GUI for Windows

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj@microsoft.com
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 15:52:03 -0000

| > What User Interface Library would you recommend for use under
| Unfortunately, there is no official GUI library for Haskell yet (but
| people are working toward this goal at the haskell gui mailing list).
| Fortunately though, people are working on a good portable GUI solution
for Haskell so
| I expect that over a few months the situation will be better.

Actually things seem to have gone a bit quiet, after a flurry. =20

It seems to me that the way things usually make progress is if=20

	* a small group=20
	* writes a specification

and then to put it out for comment to the wider community.   Looking at
the email, a plausible group seems to be
	Axel Simon (scribe)
	Daan Leijen=09
	Krasimir Angelov
	Sven Panne
	Peter Aachten
	John Meacham

Any such group needs a scribe to write the first draft, and Axel seems
to have started doing that already, hence my suggested 'scribe'

I'm making this suggestion as an Aunt Sally to try to keep the momentum
you guys have built up.  Maybe some of you don't want to do this. Maybe
others would like to be in the drafting group (Manuel, Wolfgang, etc).
Maybe someone else should be scribe.  But I do think that there should
be a group of around 6 who roll up their sleeves and WRITE a
specification.   (Of course, such a specification will be heavily
informed by implementations we already have, and should preferably be
accompanied by one or more implementations so people can try it out.) =20

There's been enough discussion that I *think* you agree about the broad
outlines.  It's just a question of crystallising the result.  And it
would be of real benefit to achieve that result.