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Am Mittwoch, den 02.05.2018, 09:53 +0000 schrieb Anthony Clayden:
> Speaking as a non-developer of ghc, often there's a bright idea with no very clear notion how best it fits into Haskell, or could be implemented effectively/efficiently:
> * maybe it's something seen in another language;
> * maybe the proposer finds themself writing the same boilerplate
> repeatedly, and wonders if that's a common idiom the language could
> capture;
> * sometimes it starts as more of a 'how do I do this?' question; then
> you get told you can't; then other people chip in with 'yes I'd like
> to do that too'.
> * sometimes it's more of a niggle: this really annoys me/is
> awkward/is confusing every time I bump into it/even though I can work
> round it.

hmm, some of that sounds like it would be better suited for haskell-
cafe, StackOverflow, Reddit or your personal twitter feed, at least
until the idea has matured a little bit more. I am worried about the
signal-to-noise ratio for those poor committee members who have not
given up on following the GitHub notifications for the ghc-proposals

We can try, but I reserve the right to abondon the experiment if we end
up with a few unproductive long discussions around some obviously
whacky idea, and a larger number of vague abandoned “wouldn’t it be
nice” issues.

Most vague ideas get better when the proposer is nudged to sit down and
write it up properly! (And some get dropped in the process, which is
also good :-)).

Joachim Breitner
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