GHC on Windows 10 15019+

J. Garrett Morris Garrett.Morris at
Thu Mar 9 17:53:33 UTC 2017

Hi y'all,

I've recently run into a problem using released version of GHC on
Windows 10, builds 15019 and later.  The problem seems to be an
incompatibility with Mingw64---builds fail calling realgcc.exe with
vaguely incomprehensible error messages (Program failed to start with
error 0xc0000142).

Replacing the packaged version of Mingw64 with a more recent build (from
Msys2, say) restores functioning, but no longer works if there are
spaces in the path to GHC.

I've observed this on three different machines, so I don't think it's
just a configuration oddity.  Has anyone else encountered similar
problems, or can anyone else verify?  If so, it might be worth
repackaging at least the latest released version with a more recent


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