TDNR without new operators or syntax changes

Jeremy voldermort at
Mon May 16 12:39:07 UTC 2016

Previous attempts to propose TDNR [1] have met with opposition over the
accompanying proposal to change the syntax of the dot or add a new operator
for postfix application.

However, nothing about TDNR - other than certain motivating examples -
actually requires changes to the syntax of Haskell or new operators. TDNR
could be implemented as an extension which just give GHC a new way of
disambiguating function names, and nothing else. This would still have some

 - Redundant module qualification no longer required.
 - Unqualified imports could be changed to a different module with the same
interface (a very poor-man's backpack) without any other code changes.
 - People who want TDNR with postfix function application will only need to
define a simple postfix operator.

I would therefore like to propose TNDR without any syntax/prelude changes.


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