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Wed Jul 20 17:04:57 UTC 2016

Alexander Berntsen <alexander at> writes:

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> On 20/07/16 11:36, Ben Gamari wrote:
>> * What would you like to see changed in the proposed process, if 
>> anything?
> No GitHub. In order to fully utilise GitHub, one needs to run
> proprietary programs. Additionally, GitHub is proprietary software
> server-side.
I know, it's rather frustrating. I also have fairly strong feelings
about open-source purity, but in this case I just don't see any way to
improve the current situation under this constraint.

I agree that Phabricator is the logical choice for self-hosting in our
situation, but sadly it just doesn't have the features at the moment to
make the process convenient and accessible (which is the motivation for
the change in the first place).

> While I don't feel too strongly about which of the proposed
> alternatives are chosen, since they are both free software, augmenting
> Phabricator would probably be the best choice, since this avoids
> adding another piece of infrastructure to use and administer.

The Phabricator developers already do a fair amount for us without
charging for their time. We can ask them to add the features that we
need but this will take time, if it happens at all, unless we put money
on the table. Unless someone is willing to put money down I'm not sure
Phabricator will be an option in the foreseeable future.

It does look like Gitlab is an impressive option but really then we are
back to the problem of fragmented development tools. Using Trac,
Phabricator, Gitlab, and mailing lists all in one project seems a bit


- Ben

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