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-1 for same reasons.

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> Hi all,
> Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > Am Freitag, den 08.07.2016, 13:09 +0200 schrieb Sven Panne:
> > > I don't think so:
> > /wiki/ArgumentDo#Bl
> > [...]
> > Where is the outer set of parenthesis coming from?
> >
> > This is all not related to the ArgumentDo notation. Note that [...]
> The very fact that that experts can't easily agree on how a small
> Haskell fragment is parsed to me just confirms that Haskell already
> is a syntactically very cumbersome language.
> The present proposal just makes matters worse. For that reason
> alone, I don't find it compelling at all. (So -1 from me, then.)
> I will not repeat the many other strong arguments against that has been
> made. But I must say I don't find the use cases as documented
> on the associated web page compelling at all. Maybe there is a tacit
> desire to be able to pretend functions are keywords for various
> creative uses in supporting EDSLs and such. But for that to be truly
> useful, one need to support groups of related keywords. Something
> like Agda's mixfix syntax springs to mind. But this proposal does
> not come close, so the benefits are minimal and the drawbacks large.
> As a final point, the inherent asymmetry of the proposal (the
> last argument position is special as, for certain kinds of
> expressions, parentheses may be omitted there but not elsewhere)
> is also deeply unsettling.
> Best,
> /Henrik
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