Exposing target language in Haskell with GHC API

Matthew Farkas-Dyck mfdyck at google.com
Wed Aug 24 00:05:28 UTC 2016

A colleague and i are writing, as an unofficial side project, a
Haskell→Bluespec compiler, using GHC as our Haskell front-end. The
source language of the part we are writing is GHC Core. We need to
somehow expose some Bluespec terms and types to the Haskell source
program. We had a few ideas:
1. Some "NO_MANGLE" pragma which would tell GHC to not mangle the
emitted name, e.g. `x = {-# NO_MANGLE #-} x` to expose `x`
2. `foreign import prim`, not quite sure how yet
3. "CORE" pragmas, e.g. `x = {-# CORE "foo" #-} x` to expose `x`
4. "ANN" pragmas, e.g. `{-# ANN x "no_mangle" #-} x = x` to expose `x`

1 and 2 would mean modifying GHC which we'd rather not do. For 3,
we're not sure how to find the "CORE"-pragmatic annotations in a
`Core` AST. 4 seems it would work but be a little cumbersome, as the
annotation is not on the `Core` AST.

Anyone know a good way to do this?

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