Core libraries

Paul van der Walt paul at
Fri Oct 16 08:21:33 UTC 2015

Hello GHC users,

For various reasons i'm trying to package something which is compatible
with/equivalent to the Haskell Platform.

I've been looking at the list posted at [0], and it turns out that GHC
7.10.2 doesn't bundle all the packages that are promised.  (Or it's a
case of PEBKAC and i apologise!)

When i do `ghc-pkg list`, the output under ../package.conf.d provided by
GHC notably has the following differences with the website list:

$ diff website-list <(ghc-pkg list | ..prettify..)
> binary
> bin-package-db
< haddock
> ghc-prim
> haskeline
> hoopl
< old-locale
< old-time
> integer-gmp
> rts
> terminfo

What surprises me is the lack of haddock, old-time and old-locale.  Is
this intentional, or a glitch on the website?  I notice that these
"missing" libraries are repeated in the `Additional Platform Libraries'
and `Programs and Tools' sections.  I guess this means that as a GHC
packager, i should add these items separately?

I guess what i'm saying is that i believe there is a bug in that list
[0], but i'm not sure enough that i understand the situation to report
it as such :).

Sorry about the verbiage, and kind regards,

0. <>

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