tweaking text on the ghc downloads page

Gershom B gershomb at
Fri Jun 26 14:53:40 UTC 2015

I know there is a plan for some broader ghc webpage redesign.

In the meantime, apparently people find the current "Stop" text terribly
troublesome. This is because, of course, it points to the platform and now
some people believe that a minimal distribution is more usable, etc.

Just to take this issue off the agenda, I would like, if there are no
objections, to just change that text as follows.



For most users, we recommend installing the _Haskell Platform_ instead of
GHC. The current Haskell Platform release includes a recent GHC release as
well as some other tools (such as cabal), and a larger set of libraries
that are known to work together."



For most users, we recommend installing _a proper distribution_ instead of
just GHC. A distribution includes a recent GHC release as well as other
important tools (such as cabal, for installing libraries), and potentially
a broader set of libraries known to work together."

And where before the "Haskell Platform" text would link to of course the
platform page, the new "proper distribution" text would now link to where we could then argue to our heart's
content about the best way to present the various download and installation
options as we go forward.

So, this doesn't resolve any controversy, but it at least centralizes it.

If there's no objection, I'll try to get to this tomorrow?

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