simultaneous ghc versions

Evan Laforge qdunkan at
Fri Jul 31 18:10:01 UTC 2015

The recent release of ghc 7.10.2 reminded me of something I meant to
ask about a long time ago.  Most of the binaries ghc installs are
versioned (x linked to x-7.10.2), with some exceptions (hpc and
hsc2hs).  Shouldn't they all be versioned?  Also, 'haddock' is
inconsistent with all the rest, in that it's haddock linked to

I've long used a few shell scripts (recently upgraded to python) to
manage ghc installs.  A 'set' which creates symlinks to make a
particular version current, and an 'rm' to remove all traces of a
version.  But due to the inconsistency, I have to remember to run
"fix" first, which moves the unversioned binaries to versioned names.

As an aside, I have three scripts I use all the time: set version,
remove version, and remove library.  Come to think of it, shouldn't
ghc include this, instead of everyone creating their own shell scripts
by hand?

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