More flexible literate Haskell extensions (Trac #9789), summary on wiki

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri Nov 14 10:29:30 UTC 2014

Thanks.  I don't have strong opinions about any of this.  But I would love to have an actual specification of what is proposed.  The wiki page starts with "Proposal" but lists a set of alternatives.  Later "Concrete proposal" discusses only file suffixes, and has lots of discussion of alternatives.

Would it be possible to have a section
   a) describing a single alternative, as precisely as possible.
   b) saying what the effect or meaning of proposal is

For (a), is Foo.hs still ok?  Foo.lhs?  What if both exist and/or or whatever?

For (b) what does a suffix of mean?  Presumably there is some markdown in there.  But how is it delimited?  Is md the only one proposed or are there others? Is it meant to be extensible or is there a fixed set?

In short, a *specification* of what is proposed.  I think that would be helpful for people who come to this without having participated in the discussion that led up to it.


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|  As requested on my ticket I summarised the entire proposal on the wiki
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|  I don't expect a lot of disagreement on discussion, aside from minor
|  bike shedding on the flavour of the extension. I've started
|  implementing this already. I'm open to bikesheds on exact extension,
|  as it shouldn't affect the implementation.
|  Unless there's any vehement objections, I'll produce a diff on
|  fabricator asap.
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