More flexible literate Haskell extensions (Trac #9789), summary on wiki

Simon Hengel sol at
Fri Nov 14 06:46:10 UTC 2014

> I don't expect a lot of disagreement on discussion, aside from minor
> bike shedding on the flavour of the extension. I've started
> implementing this already. I'm open to bikesheds on exact extension,
> as it shouldn't affect the implementation.

Joining the party late, my main use case for literate Haskell is files.  The solution I currently use is to have a symlink:

    README.lhs ->

(see e.g.

As I understand it the current proposal neither helps nor conflicts with
this use case/solution.

I leave this here as a comment mainly to indicated that:

 * the proposal as it stands does not solve my use case
 * there are other ways to solve this (namely: using symlinks)

Simon Hengel

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