SV: Haskell Support on Windows

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Mon Mar 31 12:57:14 UTC 2014

Seems to me that a less pessimistic solution would be to set up a windows buildbot. 


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Ämne: Haskell Support on Windows

I've been getting the impression that a lot of the stickier GHC bugs are
Windows specific, while very few GHC hackers actually use Windows, other
than to ensure that GHC works on it.

Windows is already somewhat of a second-class citizen in Hackage, where
platform-sensitive packages tend to only work out-of-the box on Linux.
Perhaps it should be "demoted" to second-tier GHC support as well, at least
to the extent that Windows bugs won't hold up a release?

(I write this as a Windows user who also manages some Linux servers. I agree
that Windows support is important, but it seems to be unreasonably "taking"
far more than it "gives".)

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