GHC API: getting the unfolding of a "strange" Id

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Fri Mar 28 09:08:52 UTC 2014

>From what you say, in a subsequent message, about the strictness being "b", that means the strictness analyser has decided that $fNumFixed2 is bottom (i.e. diverges).  So there's no point in exposing the unfolding, because (one way or another) it's an infinite loop, so there's no point in optimising it.

It's unusual to have a bottom dictionary; you must be using undecidable instances or something.  ("Scrap your boilerplate with class" describes why recursive dictionaries are good.)  Bur apparently you have.

It's arguable that with -fexpose-all-unfoldings we should expose even bottom values. If you have a reason for wanting that, it'd be an easy change to make, I think.


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| Subject: GHC API: getting the unfolding of a "strange" Id
| Dear list,
| I'm using the GHC API to get Core Expressions from haskell interface
| (.hi) files, and have encountered a strange kind of 'Id' for which I
| can't seem to get the unfolding:
| The properties of this 'Id' are the following:
| - varName: $fNumFixed2
| - IdDetails: VannillaId
| - Pretty print of IdInfo.inlinePragInfo: [Always]
| - IdInfo.unfoldingInfo: NoUnfolding
| The source file which gives rise to this 'Id' is:
| prelude/blob/master/src/CLaSH/Sized/Fixed.hs
| As you can see, the file is compiled with: -fexpose-all-unfoldings
| The '$f' prefix seems to indicate that the 'Id' is a Dictionary Function,
| so I was expecting its 'IdInfo.unfoldingInfo' to be a 'DFunUnfolding'.
| Given that pretty printing 'inlinePragInfo' gives me '[Always]', I would
| expect to have a usable 'Unfolding' in general.
| How can GHC inline the body of this 'Id' if it has no unfolding?
| Also, if I compile the file with "-O0 -fno-omit-interface-pragmas", the
| $fNumFixed2 'Id' is no longer included in the interface file.
| At positions where "$fNumFixed2" was originally used, a equality
| constraint can eventually be found:
| Using -O:
| (CLaSH.Sized.Fixed.$fNumFixed2
|        @(GHC.TypeLits.+ 4 4)
| Using -O0 -fno-omit-interface-pragmas:
| (GHC.Types.Eq#
|        @GHC.Types.Bool
|        @(GHC.TypeLits.<=? 1 (GHC.TypeLits.+ 4 4))
|        @GHC.Types.True
|          _CO_)
| So my question is, what kind of "strange" 'Id' is this $fNumFixed2?
| And how can I get the Core expression for this 'Id' from the interface
| file?
| And if I can't get it from the interface file, is there a straightforward
| way to generate it from the 'Id'?
| Cheers,
| Christiaan
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