how to get ghci to load compiled modules in 7.8?

Evan Laforge qdunkan at
Mon Jul 14 19:40:26 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Evan Laforge <qdunkan at> wrote:
> Actually... not quite.  -dynamic seems let ghci load, but when I load
> with the GHCI API, I get this:
> compile error: <interactive session>:
>     cannot find normal object file ‘build/debug/obj/Util/Contro.o’
>     while linking an interpreted expression

Ack.. I keep doing this.  It turns out this goes away if I link with
'-dynamic' too.  I had turned it off when playing the flag permutation
game.  So I think I finally have everything working now!

Still, the Contro.o thing does look buggy.

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