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FWIW Mark had this reply but is apparently not subscribed to, or being
rejected by, ghc-users and asked me to forward it.

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Yes - this is a known problem in GHC (#9257
The problem is that there is one gcc invocation in the "make install" step
(!) and that the clang/gcc detection isn't applied at bindist configuire
time. Hence, that gcc invocation is based on the compiler of the machine
that built the bindist (clang), not the compiler of the machine it is being
installed on (gcc).

Note that this doesn't affect the installed GHC system: The compiler
detection at bindist configure time *is* applied to the ghc tree it
installs, just not the bindist make itself!

Work around is very easy:

make install CC_CLANG_BACKEND=0

- Mark
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