Cross compiling for Cortex A9

Ben Gamari bgamari.foss at
Wed Jul 9 20:27:30 UTC 2014

Michael Jones <mike at> writes:

> I am having problems building a GHC cross compiler for Linux (Yocto on
> a Wandboard) running on a Cortex A9, and need some advice on how to
> debug it.
Sorry for the delay, almost overlooked this one!

> The cross compiler produces an executable that runs on the Target, but
> fails to print. So I need help coming up with a strategy to narrow
> down the root cause.
> Some details:
> The application:
> main = do
>     putStrLn "Haskell start"
> The command line options work. The program runs, and I can step
> through assembly. Debug data is printed to the console. But putStrLn
> fails, and program enters an infinite loop.
Hmmm, very peculiar. I would probably begin by compiling with `-auto-all
-caf-all -prof` and run the resulting executable with `+RTS -xc`. SIGINT
the process after a second or so and see what the backtrace looks like.

While worth trying, this probably won't help too much as your problem is
likely RTS-related. You might try stracing the executable and see if it
is ever even trying a syscall.

Unfortunately, I doubt it is as the program appears to be hitting heap
and stack overflows. This is quite perplexing. I'm going to try to
reproduce the issue on my end.


- Ben

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