Static values language extension proposal

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Thu Jan 30 18:47:32 UTC 2014

indeed! Thanks erik!

On the paralllel list, edkso shares with us a single commit that adds all
the requested features as a user land lib

@tweag folks, please do not write personal attacks on the issue tracker, if
you find yourself frustrated, I probably am too! please keep a positive
constructive tone in all future communications.

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> Mathieu Boespflug wrote:
> > [Sorry for the multiple reposts - couldn't quite figure out which
> > email address doesn't get refused by the list..]
> >
> >
> > Hi Carter,
> >
> > thank you for the good points you raise. I'll try and address each of
> > them as best I can below.
> >
> > > 0) I think you could actually implement this proposal as a userland
> library,
> > > at least as you've described it. Have you tried doing so?
> >
> > Indeed, this could be done without touching the compiler at all.
> We had this response really early on in this discussion.
> Quite honestly I think that should have been the end of the discussion.
> The existing GHC release already have a huge workload getting releases
> out the door and adding to that workload without adding manpower and
> resources would be a bad idea.
> You really should try doing this as a library outside of GHC and if GHC
> needs a few small additional features, they can be added.
> > The `static e` form could as well be a piece of Template Haskell, but
> > making it a proper extension means that the compiler can enforce more
> > invariants and be a bit more helpful to the user.
> Once it works outside GHC and has proven useful, then it might be
> worthwhile
> add small specific, easily testable/maintainable features to GHC to support
> what goes on on your library.
> Erik
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