Static values language extension proposal

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On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 1:43 PM, Tim Watson <watson.timothy at>wrote:

> In Erlang, I can rpc/send *any* term and evaluate it on another node. That
> includes functions of course. Whether or not we want to be quite that
> general is another matter, but that is the comparison I've been making.

Note that Erlang gets away with this through being a virtual machine
architecture; BEAM is about as write-once-run-anywhere as it gets, and the
platform specifics are abstracted by the BEAM VM interpreter. You just
aren't going to accomplish this with a native compiled language, without
encoding as a virtual machine yourself (that is, the AST-based mechanisms).

Perhaps you should consider fleshing out ghc's current bytecode support to
be a full VM? Or perhaps an interesting alternative would be a BEAM backend
for ghc.

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