Parallel building multiple targets

Sami Liedes sami.liedes at
Sun Jan 5 21:47:24 UTC 2014


I have a Haskell project where a number of executables are produced
from mostly the same modules. I'm using a Makefile to enable parallel
builds. I received advice[1] that ghc -M is broken, but that there
is parallel ghc --make in HEAD.

As far as I can tell, ghc --make does not allow building several
binaries in one run, so I think it may not still be a full replacement
for Makefiles.

However I have a question about ghc --make that is also relevant
without parallel ghc --make:

If I have two main modules, prog1.hs and prog2.hs, which have mutual
dependencies (for example, both import A from A.hs), is it safe to run
"ghc --make prog1" in parallel with "ghc --make prog2"? IOW, is there
some kind of locking to prevent both from building module A at the
same time and interfering with each other?

Is there a good way (either in current releases or HEAD) to build
multiple binaries partially from the same sources in parallel?


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