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Austin Seipp austin at
Tue Feb 11 03:56:00 UTC 2014

I asked on the mailing list a few days prior to RC1 if anyone was
interested in a binary build based on an older glibc distribution
(e.g. CentOS.) Nobody replied, so I didn't bother building it. I also
accidentally had RC1 use glibc_2.15, when it should have been 2.13
(Debian stable version.)

I think having a version for RHEL and Debian is a reasonable request,
and it's entirely valid to ask for it. Primarily because glibc & gmp
are undoubtly the two dependencies we have which are most likely to be
different across various distributions.

But, I don't use RHEL products. Can you please specifically tell me
what you're looking for? CentOS 6.5 apparently ships with glibc 2.12 -
is this acceptable, or how far back do we need to turn the wheel? And
it's not unheard of that GHC has hit bugs in older versions of
binutils or associated projects. So hopefully we're not talking CentOS
5.4 or something here (which is still on support, as far as I know.)

On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 12:33 PM, harry <voldermort at> wrote:
> I'm unable to install the binary distribution of 7.8.1 on RHEL because it
> requires and GLIBC_2.15, which are much greater than the
> version available on Red Hat. (I'm on a shared system without root access,
> so upgrading libc is out of the question, even if it could be done.) If this
> is what most users would like, I certainly don't want to be the Luddite
> trying to hold them back.
> Who actually are "most users" for the bindist? Debian & derivatives have the
> latest GHC in the package repository, so it's presumably Red Hat & Co, and
> people without root. If the bindist is only relevant to rootless users on a
> modern Debian derived distro, is it targeting the right audience?
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