target audience for the binary distribution

harry voldermort at
Sat Feb 8 18:33:36 UTC 2014

I'm unable to install the binary distribution of 7.8.1 on RHEL because it
requires and GLIBC_2.15, which are much greater than the
version available on Red Hat. (I'm on a shared system without root access,
so upgrading libc is out of the question, even if it could be done.) If this
is what most users would like, I certainly don't want to be the Luddite
trying to hold them back.

Who actually are "most users" for the bindist? Debian & derivatives have the
latest GHC in the package repository, so it's presumably Red Hat & Co, and
people without root. If the bindist is only relevant to rootless users on a
modern Debian derived distro, is it targeting the right audience?

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