testing 7.8.2

Sergei Meshveliani mechvel at botik.ru
Wed Apr 23 08:59:25 UTC 2014

Dear GHC developers,

I have tested  ghc-7.8.2-src  by making it by  ghc-7.6.3  

under  Debian Linux.
Then I have `made' my DoCon-2.12 application by  ghc-7.8.2. 

It looks all right.
For any occasion, here are some test results.

Comparing it to  ghc-7.4.1  shows the following.

1) The default context reduction stack (21) is not sufficient,        
   so, I add  -fcontext-stack=30  to the options.

2) The resulting  libHSdocon-2.12.a  is  1/10 larger
   (but the DoCon source is not the same, and it is, may be 1/100  

3) The  Main  executable test size is almost the same. 

4) The test running speed is the same. 

5) The minimal -M memory setting for running the test is  4300 Kb
   against  2400 Kb  of  ghc-6.4.1.



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