Using Cabal to install terminfo- breaks GHC on Debian x86_64

Ramin Honary ramin.honary at
Mon Apr 14 12:08:21 UTC 2014

I am using Debian, not Mac. It is possible the problem may be with the
binary release for Debian x86_64, or it could just be my Cabal config file.

When I install the binary distribution onto Debian, I simply run "make
install" in the ghc-7.8.2 directory. I don't know how this install process
the creates the GHC package registry, but after a fresh install, the output
of the "ghc-pkg list" command shows that "terminfo-" is NOT
installed even though there the /usr/local/lib/ghc-7.8.2/terminfo-
directory clearly exists and is populated with the correct library files.
But since it is not registered Cabal tries to re-build it and overwrites
the existing "terminfo-" package.

After a fresh install on Mac or Fedora, I wonder if "terminfo-"
shows up in the GHC package registry? It could be the package registry for
the Debian binary distribution missed that detail.
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