harry voldermort at
Tue Apr 1 07:42:26 UTC 2014

It having been suggested that a buildbot for Windows may be needed, and it
being possible that I may receive permission from management for setting one
up in my department's server room, I set about attempting to discover what
this actually entails.

A Google search led me to,
which tells me that "Buildbot is currently down, and we are working on a
replacement. See Builder for more details." If I follow the 'down' link , I
get to the GHC status April 2010 page, which says that buildbot has been
abandoned, suggesting that the page should be deleted. Could someone confirm
before I go ahead and delete it?

The Builder page has clear instructions on how to set up a build slave, and
a link to the build results. The build results contains an assortment of dud
links and builds from August and earlier.

What is the current state of automated builds?

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