Exposing newtype coercions to Haskell

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Tue Jul 2 18:28:49 CEST 2013

| I also noticed a problem with my logic for creating the NT-lifting
| function.  Suppose
|   data C a = MkC (Foo a)
| Just having the constructors of C in scope is not sufficient
| to safely provide
|         NT a b -> NT (C a) (C b)
| as the parameters of the constructor might wrap a in another type
| constructor, eg
|         data Foo a = Foo (Set a)
| then we certainly don’t want the user to be able to write
|         deriving fooNT :: NT a b -> NT (Foo a) (Foo b)

Dually, suppose Foo was an *abstract* type, where we can't see the constructors of Foo.  But the programmer as exported fooNT :: NT a b -> NT (Foo a) (Foo b).  Then we *do* want to be able to derive
	cNT :: NT a b -> NT (C a) (C b)
Instead maybe we say
	deriving cNT :: NT a b -> NT (C a) (C b) using( fooNT )
listing the imported witnesses that we use.  Or maybe we say simply
	deriving cNT :: NT a b -> NT (C a) (C b) 
and magically use any NT-typed things that are in scope.

This clearly deserves treatment on the wiki page.

The criterion "could you write it by hand?" remains a good one.


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