Validate of GHC HEAD freezes on FreeBSD

Páli Gábor János pali.gabor at
Tue Jan 29 19:06:26 CET 2013


On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 7:02 AM, Kazu Yamamoto <kazu at> wrote:
> I tested this GHC 4.6/GHC 4.7 to make GHC and GNU make 3.81/3.82. But
> nothing changed.
> Does nobody execute the "validate" script on FreeBSD before?

I have been running builder clients for both the FreeBSD head [1,2]
and stable [3,4] branches, and they did not show these problems.
Although I admit that their current setup is rather conservative, I am
using an old (well, the oldest supported) release, 8.1 with GCC from
the base system (4.2.1).  It is because I would like to produce
vanilla tarballs that could be run on both older 8.x and newer (9.x,
10.x) systems.

On a related note, I have just (about a month ago) switched to GCC 4.6
for the GHC maintained in the FreeBSD Ports Collection (7.4.2, as part
of the Haskell Platform), and I did not experience any problem with
it, I am currently using it on my netbook, together with numerous
ports I have for it.

But I will look into the problems you have described, I am obviously
for fixing these up.


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